Window cleaning

Tot Net’s staff includes professionals who have been trained in the safety measures required to clean windows in buildings and the mechanical devices required to work at heights (elevation systems, platforms and other devices).

Pest control (insects, rats and disinfection)

Tot Net offers pest control services to its customers including prevention, hygiene control and the elimination of specific pests, such as rodents, insects and micro-organisms in general, for all facilities that require such treatments in addition to general cleaning.

Gardening services

Tot Net offers maintenance of gardens or disused plots, in addition to the development and design of new gardens (landscaping, plants and irrigation systems).

Laundry service

Tot Net can collect your laundry from your home and deliver clean and ironed laundry within 24 hours. This service is offered to hotels, hostels, apartments, restaurants, gyms, halls of residence and homes for the elderly.

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