Cleaning services for hotels, restaurants and leisure facilities

Clean and properly looked after facilities add a great deal of value to this type of establishments. In some cases, hygiene and the perception of cleanliness can make or break hotels, restaurants, betting establishments and theatres.
In this regard, users are increasingly demanding, and they publish their opinions on the internet. Cleaning is undoubtedly something customers take into account and perceive as important.

Cleaning services for hotels, restaurants and leisure areas

Here, the arrival of customers is especially eagerly anticipated, so making a good impression with care and cleanliness is essential.
Some of the areas where Tot Net offers its services and where users want to see high levels of cleanliness include:

  • Rooms and bathrooms.
  • Communal areas, such as reception, toilets, changing rooms, dining rooms, lifts, etc.
  • Bar and restaurant areas.
  • Service staff areas.
  • Children’s leisure areas.
  • Hygiene supplies and services.

Like the customers and guests who recommend and return to their favourite hotels, bars or restaurants, companies in the tourism sector choose Tot Net as their trusted partner, as they know our company can guarantee the necessary levels of hygiene, safety and quality.

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