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Cleaning services for offices

The image given by companies in many different industries is usually associated with that of their offices. The activities of many companies in different business sectors – banking, insurance, head offices, large corporations, etc. – are also concentrated in office buildings.

Administrative staff need to work in a comfortable, pleasant, safe and clean environment. The sensation of cleanliness must also be perceived by those entering office buildings. To achieve this, cleaning activities must be aimed at meeting and exceeding expectations.

Office cleaning

In offices, it is particularly important to apply strict cleanliness standards to devices that might be shared by office staff:

  • Computers and touchscreens, mouses, etc.
  • Customer service telephones and headsets.
  • Printers and photocopiers.
  • Customer reception area: chairs, desks, displays, keyboards and bins.

Tot Net guarantees the environmental safety of the products it uses in these vital areas and assures customers that its staff are all fully trained.

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